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Couples therapy to help you in your relationships…

Communicating with your partner has become TOUGH!

It’s so easy for you NOT to communicate what is bothering you and let it build up. Then, when you get fed up, it explodes all at once!

Are these some typical mental scenarios for you?

“Let’s ignore the uncomfortable communication, and it will pass.”

“It’ll get worse if we delve deeper.”

“Let’s shut down because we’re feeling overwhelmed.”

Do you raise your voice to get your point across, provoking even stronger emotional reactions and leading to heated power struggles?

Do you find yourself apologizing after every argument… or when you didn’t do anything wrong?

Have you become a pro at the silent treatment, withdrawing from discussions and refusing to engage?

Do you assume that your partner knows how you feel, even if you never truly share that?

What’s behind all this?

It could be the trauma from a bad relationship – a previous experience of a destructive or unhealthy romantic relationship that causes you to have trouble speaking up and becomes a recurrent pattern in the next relationship.

Your former partner may have belittled you, didn’t take you seriously, took advantage of you, or didn’t think their feelings mattered.

When it feels like your feelings don’t matter, it’s scary to speak up. You feel helpless. Your partner gets to rent space in your head for free with no consequences.

Maybe you fear a negative reaction from your partner.

Maybe you’re worried that they DON’T truly listen to you.

Maybe you fear you’ll be rejected (or bashed!) if you told them how you feel and what you mean. Couples therapy can help you with this.

Let’s talk about how couples therapy can help…

A relationship involves two people trying to go through life together, so it requires communication. When you can’t communicate effectively, you are opening up the door for misunderstandings that create distance. Conflict is inevitable, and the only way to successfully resolve tension is to communicate about it.

In reality, communication does not need to be that difficult, but, unfortunately, we are not taught the practical tools we need early on.

Expressing yourself to your partner in a constructive way is what will bring you closer together. Here’s how we’ll help you get there in couples therapy or marriage counseling…

You’ll discover what you need out of your relationships.

Is it loyalty, commitment, honesty, and trust? A partner that appreciates you? A partner that respects you? A partner that you are 100% sure about and don’t question their initiatives or actions.

We’ll explore in couples therapy your basic needs, wants, desires, what drives you, and makes you feel happy. You’ll learn what you need out of your relationship to feel joy, loved, and deserved.

You’ll learn all about your communication patterns.

We’ll explore past partners and past situations to learn why you are the way you are today so we can help you BOTH become a better version of yourself. We’ll ask questions by getting to know more about your communication style. We’ll also teach you new communication styles and help you look at situations from a positive light.

We’ll talk about how to set boundaries and assert yourself.

We will use communication acronyms to help you communicate effectively. We will role-play and pretend you are in the situation, and we will teach you how to become a better couple.

You’ll learn how to express yourself clearly and effectively.

We’ll figure out what you BOTH need, what bothers you, and what needs to be resolved.

Learn to communicate honestly from the bottom of your heart, not faking how you feel. Tell your partner how you feel so patterns don’t repeat, and you learn to break the cycle so your relationship can get better, healthier.

You May Still Have Questions or Concerns about Couples Treatment…

We think our relationship is beyond repair, how can couples or marriage counseling help us?

It’s possible that you have tried therapy together before and it didn’t work. We tailor our approach is meet your unique needs. By discussing what has and hasn’t worked for you allows us to figure out how we can help you. By focusing on your strengths and what has worked for the two of you previously, we will help you rebuild your relationship.

My partner or spouse does not want to attend couples or marriage counseling sessions. What can I do?

Marriage counseling and couples counseling is most effective when both parties want to be there and work on the relationship. However, you can work with one of our therapists individually to understand how your behaviors are contributing to any conflict with your partner. We will teach you new communication strategies and skills to help you live a happier relationship. Once your partner notices the changes, they may be interested in attending with you and a couples therapist.

Don’t let your communication problems get in the way.

It’s time to take control! Whether it’s lack of intimacy, criticizing, being passive-aggressive, or getting defensive, we can help you fix your communication.

If you are having trouble communicating with your partner, I bet you’re having trouble communicating that you need additional help. Asking for help is f*ucking difficult.

We are here to re-assure you, validate you, and teach you how to ask for what you need. You don’t get it if you don’t ask. Just try and see what happens.

Let us help you put the puzzle pieces of your relationship back together again. Call today for your couples therapy appointment.
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