Yoga and Meditation

The present moment is our greatest teacher.

We are aware and mindful of what is happening at this very moment. We are not distracted by ruminations on the past or worries about the future but centered on here and now.

Sometimes we have to let go of things that we may not want to let go of, whether there patterns or relationships that no longer serve us. This teaches us to be present. Our minds are naturally wired to seek certainty, so when we stay in the present moment, we can teach our minds that it’s ok. It’s safe to just be where we are.

If we stay in the present, the impression of activities will always be fresh and alive, and we will always learn something new from them. If we are not in the present, every moment will be like every other. Nothing will be precious.

Every day we are presented with growth opportunities, and if we stay in the moment, then we allow our minds to live in the experience, and there are beautiful lessons that to learn.

Whether these are experiences about relationships, patterns, or conflicts – sometimes the same lesson presents itself repeatedly. Whether you are attracting a certain type of person into your life or experiencing ‘bad luck’- if you were to pay attention, you might recognize these patterns and conflict within to break the old habits to learn from them and grow. By pausing and honing in on your awareness, you can shift your mindset and separate your emotional response to a situation while shifting your perception- instead of viewing it as a negative situation. We can view it as an opportunity.

By tuning into your intuition and that “gut feeling,” you can make more informed decisions for yourself.

Be present. Breathe into the tension and discomfort…

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, stress, chronic pain, or depression… yoga and meditation are powerful tools for getting familiar with your body and befriending your difficulties.

By tuning into the sensations that arise during poses, you can drop into the present moment by breathing more deeply and fully. Paying attention to how your body and mind react to a pose’s stress offers cues about how you typically react to stress in your life.

Sometimes we can get headaches from being stressed out and experience muscle pain, such as back pain or having little energy. By tuning into your body and working with you, yoga can help relieve this pain by stretching certain areas of your body that have not been stretched before.

There are prolonged holds of poses that will require comfort with discomfort. Without discomfort, we would never progress our physical and mental training of our mind. When we sit in an uncomfortable position, we can push our boundaries to break through and challenge our minds.

For example, if it’s an achy back as you sit in a pose, the discomfort teaches us to assess the current situation, be fully in the moment, and decide how to proceed, what to do next.

Experiencing discomfort is a sign that something needs to change, and this bleeds into life difficulties. When we are in pain or experiencing anxiety in life, it shows up in our bodies. Emotional pain affects your body. Whether it’s anger, regret, grief, loss, etc., this will show up in your body. The idea that negative emotions can cause physical symptoms is not just woo-woo. If we can address your body’s physical pain, we can also address your mental health.

Staying calm during poses is the key to your healing. This will train you to do the same thing when coping with stressful thoughts and emotions in your life. By staying present during difficult situations, you can face them head-on (rather than attempt to escape from them).

The power of breath and a quiet mind…

Stress management

Yoga and meditation reduce cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress.

Improved sleep

When you increase natural melatonin levels, you get more restful sleep.

Sharper focus

It comes naturally when you learn to control your mind’s wandering, unclutter your thoughts, and improve your concentration.

Better relationships

Stress can drive a wedge into even the strongest relationships. When you’re stressed, you become withdrawn and distracted. But when you take the time for yourself, you can be more supportive and caring toward others.

No matter who you are or your experience, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner… young or old… overweight or fit…

Yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body, and Niyama Center is where you belong!

One-on-one sessions reduce intimidation and stress. Feeling more at ease with the movements before going into a group class can help significantly.

Maybe you’ve tried yoga before but were intimidated by the group setting.

We offer both online group and individual sessions. Sessions are tailored to meet your needs. During group settings, those may feel judgment from others, compare themselves to others, and may not get the one-on-one attention they need, especially if they have injuries or improve their poses.

We will teach you the best ways to adapt your body’s best moves while working toward your specific goals and provide you more effective guidance where we focus solely on you to get the most out of sessions. After that, we encourage you to try a group class with other yogis!

However, group sessions may help you feel included in a yogi community with others that can support you along the journey.

We will provide a calm, relaxing environment that is specific to your own needs and concerns.

We offer postures that are simple, flexible, and tailored to fit your needs.

We’ll move at your pace, addressing your specific concerns.

You’ll receive all the attention and comfort you need to be confident in yourself and your practice.

Here’s how we’ll get started…

First, our sessions will be held virtually from the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is your yoga mat and computer (or phone with a video camera). We’ll guide you through yoga and meditation practices using our online platform.

Before your session, we’ll ask you to fill out an intake form. We’ll review that form during your first session.

The nature of this form is to understand your goals clearly, talk about any injuries that you may have so we can prepare, and talk about what props you have at home that we will be working with.

During your first session, we’ll also talk about your goals and expectations.

Can you help you relax, release stress, and be much more productive than you already are. It can help you sleep better, improve mood, and a healthy dose of yoga and meditation will keep your brain sharp and clear. Simple yoga practices and breathing techniques allow you to free your mind from the “clutter: that trickles down to your physical well-being resulting in increased energy and reducing stress, anxiety, depressive, chronic pain symptoms while improving your self-awareness.

And if you’re ready to see change happen before your eyes, we recommend weekly individual sessions.

Are you ready to feel calm… yet fully alive?

Whether you are looking for yoga, meditation, or combining the two, we have what you need.

So, if you are ready to roll out your yoga mat and experience the relaxing benefits of yoga and meditation, let’s get started on getting the results you want!

Call today, and let’s schedule your appointment: (248) 962-3329