Why Is Depression More Common in Women?

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Compared to men, women are often seen as being emotional. They’re the ones depicted in television shows, movies, and comic books as needing to be saved from a prince or a superhero.

In reality, women have come a long way from when they were solely responsible for tending to the household chores, cooking meals, and taking care of the children in the family.

Women deal with a lot in their lives, personally and professionally. They rarely focus on their needs because they’re trying to meet the needs of their partner, children, and even their parents and in-laws. It can be a lot for one person to be responsible for.

Men and women can both struggle with mental health issues like depression, but women tend to show higher rates.

Let’s learn about why depression is more common among women.

Women’s Bodies Go Through Many Different Changes

Hormones play a role in the effect of depression on women. Men go through hormonal changes as well, but women experience more hormonal changes throughout their lifetime.

As a teenager, women experience menstrual cycles every month. Pregnancy and childbirth can also cause an influx of hormones. And later in life, women go through menopause. All three of these life events are associated with increased depression or depression-like symptoms.

Women Are More Likely to Be Under Stress

Women have been shown to have higher stress levels compared to men, which can also lead to depression. The way the world was set up was for men to be the main or sole provider for the householder while the woman took care of the home, cooked meals, and tended to the children. Women have constantly had to fight for basic human rights over the years. Getting an education and having a career weren’t as easily accessible to women as these opportunities were for men.

On top of that, women are often the ones that are put in less-than-ideal situations with partners. Women are more likely than men to have to deal with forms of abuse or domestic violence.

If a relationship doesn’t work out how they imagined, they may have to be financially responsible for taking care of any children. In today’s world, most women have to be responsible for themselves, their family, the home, their career, their children’s activities, cooking, cleaning, and more—regardless if they have a partner.

Women Tend to Overthink Especially Compared to Men

Women are more likely to have ruminative thoughts compared to men as well. These thoughts, especially negative or stressful ones, can have an impact on their mood and stress levels.

Women also tend to fall harder than men or become more invested in a relationship. These types of behaviors and actions can lead to an increase in stress as well as the development of depression.

Women Seek Help More Often

Another main reason that depression is more common among women than among men is that more women tend to reach out for help when they feel a certain way. Men, on the other hand, will turn to reckless behaviors or actions like gambling, fighting, using and abusing substances like drugs and alcohol, or sexual activities. Women will usually consult with a doctor about how they’re feeling.

Next Steps

Depression is a serious mental health disorder that can be treated with the proper treatment. No matter if you’re a male or female, you deserve the help to get you back to living and loving your life again. You’re not alone, and your depression doesn’t define you.

We’re here to help you when you’re ready. Reach out to us today to set up an appointment.

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