4 Ways to Combat Seasonal Depression

by Nov 7, 20221 comment

Summer quickly faded to fall, and now it’s about to be winter. It’s dark when you wake up in the morning and it’s dark before you leave work and head home for the night.

The darker days seem to be bringing on darker thoughts. You have little to no energy. The winter blues have officially hit you.

Here are 4 ways to combat seasonal depression.

1. Stick to a Schedule

The change in sunlight can have a negative impact on your daily schedule and routine. Try to take control of it again. The dark mornings can make it hard to get out of bed because there is little to no natural light poking through your windows to wake you up.

Make sure you’re setting your alarms and aiming to wake up around the same time each morning and go to bed around the same time each night. Set multiple alarms if you have to.

Keeping a regular schedule will help train your body to wake up and go to bed around the same time. Your body will naturally fall into a routine and adjust to the new hours of sunlight during those colder and darker winter months.

When considering your schedule, you should also consider the meals that you consume during the same. The change in weather or season shouldn’t change your eating habits too much. It can be easy to eat more during the winter months as a way to boost your mood, but try your best to plan your meals ahead of time. Aim to eat around three to five healthy and well-balanced meals each day.

2. Get Your Body Moving

Exercise has been proven to relieve some of the signs and symptoms of depression. It’s a natural mood booster. Plus, it had a number of benefits for your mind and body as well.

One of the best ways to combat seasonal depression is to get your body moving outdoors. Go for a walk outside. Hop on your bicycle. Go rollerblading with friends. Jog or run around your neighborhood.

If the weather is affecting your ability to get moving outside, a workout indoors can still be just as great. Hop on a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical machine. Drive to your local gym, work out in the comfort of your own home, or attend a class in a studio.

Find what works best for you and get after it!

3. Stay Social

Depression can make you feel like you need to withdraw or self-isolate. Try not to listen to that voice in your head. Isolating yourself from others can actually worsen the signs and symptoms you may be experiencing.

If you know that seasonal depression affects you, be proactive and try to set up some activities or ways to stay social leading up to the winter months. Get your friends together for a movie night at home. Go visit your local zoo. Plan a night where you drive around your neighborhood looking at decorations and lights.

If your schedule or the weather may be affecting getting you and your friends or loved ones together, get creative. Plan a Zoom or FaceTime call. There are also a number of local groups in your community you can join based on your specific interests!

4. Talk to a Therapist

If you’re experiencing seasonal depression, a trained and licensed therapist can help you work through those negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings you may be experiencing. You’re not alone in your thoughts. Seasonal depression is something that many individuals deal with.

If you’re interested in exploring other options for combating seasonal depression, reach out to us today to set up a appointment.

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