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About Miyama Center

An alternative approach to healing…

Our goal is to create a sacred, safe space where you can truly be yourself without any judgments or fear.

We will listen to you, give you practical feedback, and provide you a range of tools to use outside of sessions.

We want you to find your true self—to feel less anxious, happier, and calmer every day. After each session, you’ll walk out feeling more hopeful and confident about the direction you are headed.

We are ready to help you begin your wellness journey! Whether you are looking for anxiety therapy online, depression therapy online, trauma/PTSD therapy &/or relationship therapy, we can help.

Our Special Services

Indiviudal Therapy

Indiviudal Yoga/ Meditation

Indiviudal Workshops

We provide 10-15 minute free consultations to new clients

Our Utlize Approaches Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Our Holistic Indiviudal Talk Therapy