Soojin Kim, Yoga Therapist

I meet you where you are.

I listen to you about your current experience, and I’ll and meet you where you are.

My ideal clients care about their wellbeing, mental health, and physical health. They are curious seekers looking to expand, grow, learn and unlearn how to truly connect as authentically themselves from a deep place of trust, understanding, and exploration.

Guiding you back into your body and heart…

If you feel disconnected from your body, mind, or heart, yoga has been a profound practice. It helps overcome incessant thought loops, limited ego, anxiety, and the belief that you are not enough or worthy to receive what you truly desire and seek in this life. Yoga is an empowering practice that connects you to deep listening that creates patience, trust, and faith to advocate for yourself because you matter.

There are so many practices, tools, and experiences to help guide you back into peace and harmony.

Many tools have significantly changed my life. They include pranayama (breathwork), learning to dance outside my comfort zone by playing the edges in yoga, journaling, meditation, yoga Nidra, intuitive movement and free flow movement, understanding the body through the 5 koshas (5 sheaths, subtle body experiences), and diving into the art of expression.

This is why I believe in yoga, meditation, and breathwork…

I believe in their healing, transformative power because they’ve profoundly changed my life and the lives of so many with whom I’ve worked.

Yoga and breathwork have given my clients and me the power of choice. To remember that we can always choose where we place our energy and come back to the present moment with our breath. Our thoughts create the world we live in.

Meditation offers us the opportunity to understand ourselves more intimately as the observer without judgment to bring greater awareness and listen to everything that we do. The intention is not to stop our thoughts because this is not possible but to slow down our thoughts to create more ease in our lives. Listening is one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves and the world. So much is possible – there’s infinite possibility when we are here in the now.

Our energy is not being drained from time traveling to the past or the future. We have this beautiful gift to drop into the depth of everything by slowing down and seeing more clearly and fully into who we are.

Some of my education and training…

I received my 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification through the Yoga Shelter in 2016 and then deepened that training with a 300-hour RYT certification through Citizen Yoga. There, I focused on the subtle aspects of the practice while deepening my understanding of alignment, anatomy, and philosophy.

I have also studied therapeutic yoga with Yoga Medics and have an additional 100 hours of training in integrative approaches that combine clinical therapy with the physical and psychological effects of yoga to accomplish specific goals. I’ve also completed 100 hours of training in restorative yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and herbalism at the Alaya Yoga School.

I have trained in a 300-hour Kundalini training and a Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) meditation program to offer a holistic, comprehensive experience of healing, embodiment, and exploration through asana, breathwork, meditation, and alignment through movement.

When I’m not teaching…

I love immersing myself in nature and the elements. I love to move my body through yoga, dance, walking, and frolicking.

I adore music, arts, and creative expression, and I am an avid seeker of knowledge. I love to learn about Tantra, manifestation, Ayurveda, meditation, astrology, human design, the goddess archetype… and many other things!

I love food. Food is medicine, and I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen—creating nourishing meals and connecting with like-minded humans over food.

And I love deep human conversation and connection!

It’s time for you to remember…

… your light, power, healing… and, most importantly, your return to love again.

We’ll take a journey together—a journey of understanding, accepting, exploring, and listening. This is about meeting your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs so that you can bring more awareness to your mind, body, and heart.

This is about you and your impact on the world!

I can help you through yoga therapy for depression therapy, anxiety therapy, trauma therapy.

I would be honored to support you on your healing journey. Please, give me a call, and let’s schedule an appointment or a workshop: (248) 962-3329.