You’re stuck in your body and trying to find a way out…

Let us teach you how to get comfortable in it.

Online Yoga and Meditation Sessions throughout the U.S.

This story is getting old fast…

Persistent neck, back, or chest pains. Tension headaches that won’t go away.

You’re drained, mentally and physically.

It becomes harder to concentrate at school or work. The simplest task becomes overwhelming. You start to doubt your skills and abilities – and maybe others around you question them too.

Yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

Taking you through an intake, learning more about what you are looking for, what you need, what your body needs, and moving you through yoga poses slowly and modifying as needed is all part of the process.

Practicing regularly can help you keep your joints healthy, improving your muscles and posture, and balance.

You’ll discover a restorative side that is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. We build relaxation into every yoga session.

Yoga teaches you how to focus on the breath and become more mindful of your body.

The mind-body connection.

We offer structured, well-balanced yoga sessions to fit your needs.

Through yoga, you’ll learn new poses, notice your breath and the way your body moves during exercises.

The breath is all part of yoga, reducing stress and relaxing the nervous system to calm the mind.

Leading to meditation.

Life is difficult and busy. We can’t always control what happens, and we experience an overload of information and 24/7 mind chatter.

You are human. Meditation isn’t about stopping or emptying anything but thinking and seeing thoughts more clearly.

Sitting with the mind is tough.

We will teach you to form the basics of meditation so you will be able to discover clarity, contentment, compassion, and calmness. This will lead to awareness and understanding of how and why you feel the way you do. We’ll show you how to experience being in the present moment.

As with any new activity, we see the benefits of working with a guided teacher to get you started on your meditation journey. We provide clear instruction and guidance and combine journaling with practice.

Guided meditation is like learning to drive with an experienced instructor beside you, offering encouragement along the way.

This is meditation and yoga combined.

You can create a new relationship with your body and mind. It all starts with exercising your body and mind.

We’re here to help you create a new routine and guide you through the changes you want to make for your life.

It’s too tough to do alone! Let us help connect you to what you already have and who you already are.

Feel less stress and frustration and experience more resilience and happiness.

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