Goldie Polter, LLMSW

Welcome! I’m thrilled you have found me!

I believe congratulations are in order. Reaching out for help can feel overwhelming and scary, but you have already taken the first step
in your healing journey.

All types of clients including men, women, and couples usually come to me who are experiencing…

Symptoms of depression, anxiety, racing thoughts, feeling a disconnection from themselves or others, trauma including traumatic events that may seem insignificant to others, and relationship issues.

The point is none of these feelings are insignificant, and the good news is that you are not alone. Feeling not good enough, not worthy enough, or not deserving of love can be debilitating feelings to wake up with and fall asleep with.

Together, we can navigate the difficult days and work towards more positive habits and lifestyle changes.

flower​Therapy can be challenging…

You will begin to learn more about yourself and what matters to you
both within your relationship with yourself and others. I will be here to support and encourage you as you work through new, adaptive coping strategies and skills to replace the older, non- helpful ones. Coping strategies will look different for everyone, we will first work together to learn you past and current strategies and take note of why they are no longer serving you.

We can develop new coping strategies through mindfulness, meditation, journaling, or cognitive reframing. We can use trial and error to discover which coping skills resonate best within you.

We will work together to develop a strong therapeutic alliance in a nonjudgmental setting. We will start out by developing goals that you want to achieve and then steps on how we plan to accomplish those goals. Throughout this process, feedback is always encouraged and welcomed here, so please be honest and open with your worries and fears. This will allow for our relationship to be open and truthful and ensure you are receiving the most effective care and that your needs are being met.

We will walk through past experiences to help understand the person you are today, we will explore together your inner voice and listen to it’s core beliefs, both negative and positive. We will periodically revisit your therapeutic goals and see if they need to be adjusted and where we are in meeting those goals.

I also work with individuals and couples struggling within intimacy..

waterIntimacy & Connection…

Intimacy and connection go hand in hand and when one is missing it can be challenging for the other to be present. Connecting the mind and the body can be essential when repairing intimate connections and attachments. During a couple session, we would work together to understand “fair fighting” and how it can completely alter and enhance a relationship. We work on communication styles and
understanding what the other needs individually to perform as their best selves within the couples unit.

The therapeutic relationship and process takes hard work and conscious effort. My objective is to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible to help you feel empowered in your life. We will work to help eliminate or adjust habits that feel impossible to change as they may run so deep.

We will work together to revisit intergenerational trauma. Intergenerational trauma occurs when trauma is passed down through generations (commonly passed from parent to child). This can show up through thought or behavior patterns as well as beliefs about oneself or the world around them.

Living in this “fight, flight, or freeze” response can be harmful and even detrimental to developmental growth. It is common for someone experiencing intergenerational trauma to experience anxiety or PTSD symptoms, however flashbacks are not present as these are learned responses. The person themselves has not been through the trauma. We can work together to understand your individualized responses and trauma symptoms and heal them through coping skills and trauma therapy techniques.

leavesThe end goal…

Working together, we will develop a treatment plan that feels attainable using different modalities to help reach your goals. Through Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Eye Rapid Movement Desensitization (EMDR), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other modalities, we can help reprocess and reassociate traumatic memories or triggering events with adaptive thoughts. We will pull techniques from each of these modalities to create an individualized plan for you.

While therapists’ methods are important, one of the most crucial predictors to success in therapy is the relationship between therapist and client. It is a unique opportunity to have a relationship where you are the focus – where you are met, not with someone waiting patiently to tell their own story, but listening intently with compassion and empathy. By providing regular sessions and coming prepared to listen, I provide consistency that facilitates safety and security. I will be patient as we move at your pace and as trust builds in our relationship.

I strive for making our sessions a positive nonjudgmental environment where you can be free to share at a pace that feels right for you. I encourage constant feedback to ensure that your needs within the therapeutic relationship are being acknowledged and met. The first few appointments can feel scary and nerve-wracking, therefore, I will always urge you to guide the sessions in the direction that feels comfortable for you. I may ask probing questions such as “how does it make you feel”, “are there times where another reaction helped you end up with a more positive result?”, as well as “How do you generally handle frustrations or irritations, how would you like to be handling them?”. These questions are geared to help you connect to your inner voice and find that strength that already lies within you.

By creating space for you, therapy can be the place you learn new behaviors and skills to change how you view your life!

About Me

Some of my education and training…

After spending evenings and weekends during high school volunteering with special needs children, elderly nursing home patients, and families in need, I was privileged to attend Excelsior College for my Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Wayne State University where I obtained a Masters of Social Work. I was privileged to intern at two phenomenal agencies, one being a private practice, and the other a court-ordered counseling center. My counseling experience includes working with children, individuals, and couples. I use multiple modalities in my practice however, the main ones are Eye Rapid Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). I also draw from techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT). I am always learning in order to expand my toolbox.

When I am not doing therapy…

You can find me spending time with loved ones or at the gym. Fitness is a passion of mine, and I may still pursue a personal trainer certification. I believe in strengthening both the body and the mind. I also love music and the outdoors. I enjoy nothing more than sitting outside on a sunny
morning with an iced coffee.

It’s time to put you first..

The way you have learnt how to cope and handle stressful situations took time to learn, they also take time to shift, unlearn, and develop healthier mechanisms. I will be here as your support every step of the way. Think of therapy as an investment in yourself, every session, every emotion ensures a bigger more positive return. We are so quick to invest in others, whether it be our family, friends, or children.

Now is the time to focus on you! Through the therapeutic process, you will learn new coping skills to apply both presently and in the future when faced with stress. Throughout each session together, we will walk through where you feel you are in achieving your long term goals and new steps to get you there quicker.

Call me today for an initial appointment! (248) 962-3329